About The Event

iRacing for the Kids presented by HIP Motorsports is an annual charity Por-Am simulation racing event held in support of the "SickKids Foundation." This event is one way that the sim racing community can give back to the community.

The inaugural running of the event raised $19,500 while the recently completed event raised an additional $34,500, all of which goes directly to SickKids in support of their most critical needs. The teams, drivers and organizers are grateful to the more than 150 donors who supported the event.

The 2023 event attracted 36 teams including 27 professional real life race drivers. Plans are already underway to host the next event on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. If you are interested in participating, whether a professional race driver or amateur iRacing enthusiast, you can pre-register here.

If you want to participate in this outstanding event, please click here.

The "Real Life" Pro drivers come from many disciplines, NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA sports car, Radical and F2000 series. These drivers race around the continent and in some cases around the world and inevitably have many important wins in their careers.

They are joined here by Professional Simulation drivers who also make a living from driving quickly but for them it is doing so virtually. This makes them valuable teammates as they have mastered the art, and it is an art, of winning online. See the Pro Drivers here.

A unique, exciting feature of this event is that HIP Motorsports will be hosting up to eight teams at their advanced Sim Racing Studio in Ajax Ontario. Both Pros and Amateurs will race using the special HIP equipment and while not behind the wheel will enjoy the special party atmosphere that HIP provides, including food, drink, and live media coverage. This promises to be the Place to Be for the event.

Most drivers will race from their homes however, but when not driving or assisting their teammates they can follow along on various live streaming and broadcast services.

To watch a replay of the most recent race, that featured 11 lead changes among 7 teams in the 2 hour and 30-minute race held on the Watkins Glen track, click here.

If you like sim want to have fun driving against your pro heroes, all while supporting a great cause, then this is the event for you.


Global Grand Event on Digital Design

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HIP Motorsports Challenge Series

Three Race iRacing Series for teams of 2 driver teams, the top two teams of which can Pick Their Pro for IRFTK3.0. The teammates could race in separate cars in many events.

Three Race iRacing SERIES for 2 or 3 driver teams, the top two teams of which can Pick Their Pro for IRFTK3.0.


Wed. May 3 @ 7:00pm

GT4 cars at Sebring for 100 mins.

Wed. July 26 @ 7:00pm

GT3 cars at SPA for 100 mins.

Wed. Oct 18 @ 6:30pm

LMP3 cars at LeMans for 120 mins.


All races count, teams must have same drivers in each race.

  • 1st = 40pts
  • 2nd = 37pts
  • 3rd = 35pts
  • 4th = 34pts
  • 5th = 33pts
  • etc.

Bonus point for leading a lap.


Fixed setups, multiple pitstops, may be Full Course Yellows.

Damage will be ON with unlimited Fast Repairs.

Races are for IRFTK2.0 league members.

New teams are welcome.


Free to all - Not a fundraising event.


At www.iracingforthekids.com starting Feb 14, 2023.


Top 2 teams will get to Pick Their Pros for IRFTK3.0 (after top donor teams).

Driver 1

Driver 2

Driver 3


Event selection

Pro Drivers

Information and Contact

Event Rules:

1. All normal iRacing road racing driving rules apply.

2. Drivers who go off track are required to come to a complete stop to check for a clear gap to rejoin the track.

3. Damage is OFF to allow teams to continue with minimum delays. Respect other teams if you crash.

Drive Times:

4. Minimum drive time for any driver is 35 minutes.

5. Maximum drive time for any driver is 70 minutes.

Full Course Cautions:

6. Restarts will be single file - back. If a team pits under a full course caution they will give up track position.

7. Lapped cars caught between the pace car and the race leader will be waved by.

8. There is no lucky Dog.

Vehicle Graphics: This event is streamed worldwide

9. Teams are required to use graphics provided by the organizers.

10. Organizers must approve the vehicle graphics before the event.

Respect for others: We are racing for the Kids

11. Use of foul or abusive language will result in immediate team disqualification.


Q: Where is the SickKids foundation located?

A: The SickKids Foundation support the treatment and research activities of the SickKids medical facilities in Toronto Ontario, Canada, which is a world leader in their work.

Q: Can I enter the event and drive solo, as a team of one?

A: No, this event is for teams of two amateur drivers and one Pro Driver. If you would like the organizer to match you with someone else, then send an e-mail to that effect using the message link below and we will try to match you up with another solo driver.

Q: How can I watch the event?

A: The event will be broadcast live on REVTV from 7:00 to 10:00 pm on January 11, 2023. It will be streamed live on HIP twitter and SYM TV You Tube channels.

Q: Can I enter the event as a Pro driver?

A: Please send your request to the organizer using the message link below.

Q: Can I spectate but not compete at the HIP Motorsports Studio?

A: Please send your request via the message link below.

Q: How can I donate to the event?

A: Thank you for doing so and supporting SickKids. Please click on the "DONATE" button at the top of the page.

Q: Is there an age limit for event participants?

A: The event will have drivers ranging from the age 13 to 75 years old. If you are in that range and have an active iRacing membership and a D1.0 of higher road race license, then you are eligible to enter.

Q: What are the rules and session settings for the event?

A: Please go to Participant Information to find this information.

Q: How are Pros and Amateurs matched to for a team?

A: One amateur partnership will earn the right to select their Pro teammate from those who are available by fundraising the highest total amounts between Nov. 1, 2022, and Nov. 30, 2022. A second amateur partnership will win their right to choose by raising the highest amount between Dec. 1, 2022, and Jan 3, 2023.

All other Amateur teams will be randomly matched with a competing Pro during the "Meeting Your Pro" ceremony that will be held on January 4, 2023.

Q: How much do the Pros earn by participating in the event?

A: All of the Pro drivers are doing so without pay, because they wish to support the SickKids charity.

Q: Is this event only for Canadians?

A: No all people are welcome.

Contact Us

Have a question not answered on the site? Reach out to us at iracingforthekids(at)gmail.com